Everything you want to know about Hydroponics Gardening

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Hydroponics gardening can be very rewarding but the obstacles which are involved in it can be challenging not only for a novice but for an experienced gardener too.

Hydroponics gardening proves to be easy once you know the basics of it. You need to spend a little more time in fine tuning the system in case of you want to grow plants hydroponically in the correct manner.

Hydroponics gardening simply means the food is within the water. In order words, all essential nutrients are given to the plant through water. Hence to grow plants in a healthier manner you need to focus on plant type you want to grow and its nutrient requirement.

The nutrient solution is a mix of fertilizers and water. To give plant the required nutrient, you pump the water solution which has all the essential nutrients in correct proportion to the plant roots.

There are different ways of pumping in the nutrient solution to the plants. Few of the commonly used mediums are hand watering, the reservoir method, the flood and drain method, the drip system, the nutrient film technique, the wick system, aeroponics. With the help of these mediums nutrient solution is pumped and the plants root absorbs the required nutrients for its growth.

As there is different hydroponics growing systems, there are many different types of growing media too. Growing medium is referred to as a medium in which plant is grown. The roots of the plant are placed in the growing medium. Some of the different types of growing medium that areĀ  most commonly use are Rockwool, expanded clay pellets, perlite, vermiculite mix, coconut coir mix, Volcanic rock chips, homemade hydro and so on.

The success of growing plants hydroponically largely depends on one single factor which is the quality of the nutrient solution. The nutrient given to the plants should be changed as they grow depending on the plant requirement.

The faster growth rates of the plants is the biggest magnetism to hydroponics gardening. You need to however be careful and monitor the plant growth. If you notice that the plants are not growing at a good pace, check your indoor conditions in which the plants are kept as they may be the factor for slow growth. However keeping the conditions right can also be a big problem for you especially if you are doing hydroponics gardening for the first time.

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