Advantages of Hydroponics Gardening

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Hydroponics, is the new scientific approach which is gradually becoming popular amongst most of the professional gardeners and with people who love to garden. Hydroponics is the science of growing the plants in specially prepared solutions instead of in soil. It is the easiest and the most useful method of growing plants.

One of the advantages of hydroponics gardening is that you can grow plants indoors, as you do not need soil for plant cultivation. In a geoponics, plants grow by extracting nutrients from the in soil with the help of their roots whereas in case of hydroponics the essential nutrients are pumped through water and the plant roots take up the nutrient from the water.

In a geoponics approach, the growth of the plant can be underdeveloped whereas in case of plants that are grown hydroponically, the plant growth is more abundant, as roots do not need to search for required nutrients. All the required nutrients are provided with water directly to the plant.

Few plants that can be grown in a hydroponics garden are spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, basil etc. One of the most important factors which influence the choice of plant to be grown hydroponically is the Space. Since the space is limited you should always choice a plant that have similar needs. As you gain experience in hydroponic gardening, you may find more plants that will be suitable to be grown together, thus saving lot of your space.

Some of the benefits of Hydroponics gardening are:

Hydroponics gardening is an easy, environmental friendly way of planting and cultivating plants. The plants grown hydroponically are healthier as compared to plants grown through geoponic methods.

Plant growth is much faster when they are grown hydroponically. On an average, plants grow at least 50% faster when grown hydroponically as compared to plants grown in soil. The reason for such fast growth is that the plants get easy access to all the essential nutrition, food and water.

Very less or negligible amount of pesticides are required when you grow plant hydroponically. Hence you get healthy and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

In case a plant gets a disease, only that particular plant will get affected and not all.

As the plant growth does not require soil, plants can be grown in any place be it an apartment balcony or on a terrace and in any weather.

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