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Hydroponic comes from a Latin word which means “working with water” and thus hydroponics gardening means the art of cultivating plants with water instead of soil.

Most people think that hydroponics means growing plants with their roots floating into the water.

However this is just a single type of hydroponic gardening which is known as Nutrient Film Technique or N.F.T. The N.F.T. is a very popular technique of plant cultivation hydroponically. There are different variations of Nutrient Film Technique which are used in different countries across the globe. Before discussing various approaches of N.F.T., let us find out how well does hydroponics work.

To know how a plant grows hydroponically is quite simple. You should know the needs of your plant, when to give it, the correct proportion of the nutrient. If you take care about these things then the plant will definitely grown much healthy than those plants that are grown in soil. All the nutrition fed to the plant is done through a nutrient solution.

The nutrient solution is the mixture of water and fertilizer. As the plant grows its needs and requirements changes and thus you can easily control and change the proportion of nutrients which should be given to the plant. The right strength and the pH of the nutrient solutions are very important and are very easy to adjust, so that your crops just get the right amount of food.

In a hydroponics gardening, the plants are grown using a growing medium. Growing medium is referred to any material in which the roots of the plants are placed and the right composition of nutrient solution is then fed to them.

The growing medium is important as it allows the plant roots to absorb the essential nutrient from the nutrient solution properly as compared to plants grown in soil, where the plant roots have to spend a lot of energy searching for the nutrients. There are a lot of substances that can be used as a growing medium. Some of the most commonly used growing mediums are coconut fiber, Rockwool, perlite, sand, vermiculite, gravel etc.

The faster and the greater production of crops are some of the many reasons that hydroponics is being adapted all over the globe. People have realized the potential in hydroponics and hydroponics gardening is also used all over the world for commercial food production.

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