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We all love plants and they make our days brighter. Watching the flowers bloom inside your room gives you happiness. The lush green scene in your terrace garden simply freshens up your mood. Imagine having a cup of coffee amidst green plants in the morning with sun-kissed lilies and roses. Gardening is a really relishing regime in which you get to enjoy each moment; you may not have lots of time to spend in nourishing your plants still you may go on with your hobby of gardening.

Hydroponics is a unique method in which you can grow plants innovatively and also get great results.  Hydroponics is the method of growing plants and vegetables without any use of soil. It uses nutrient augmented solution to provide the plants whatsoever they require with no need to use soil. Many people have a preference for this technique of rising plants as they can have power over the nutrients and oxygen that the plants get, and in that way speeding up the growth of the plants.

Specialized growers spend thousands of dollars on hydroponics gardens; however you can create a hydroponics garden at your residence with smallest amount of investment. You need not be worried about loads of expenditure. There are special processes to establish a hydroponic garden.

These are several things which you would need before you start a Hydroponics Garden are bubbler, hydroponic solution, vermiculite or Rockwool, plastic cup with holes, hydroponic pot, pump, pH test kit.
Use vermiculite or Rockwool to anchor the roots. Take the plastic cups cut holes into them to suspend the plants into the hydroponic pot. You can use any plant like tomato, lettuce, peppers, herbs or cucumber to grow.

You just need to place the submersible fish tank bubbler in the plant and pump it into the hydroponics pot.  Just fill it with mixture of hydroponic solution along with water. The bubbler and pump will aerate the water and push the water and nutrient solution to the roots of the plants. Use the pH kit to monitor the pH level of water. The pH level must not be lower than 6.0. This allows the liquid to go down to the lowest level of the roots and then amend it. Under usual condition the hydroponics solution is supposed to be changed in every fourteen days so that the plant life gets a stable supply of nutrients.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Hydroponics Gardening

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Are you interested in gardening? Is gardening one of your hobbies? You have heard about Hydroponics gardens and want to know more about it before actually trying it out. If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have reached at the right place. This article describes various advantages and disadvantages of setting up your first hydroponics garden. But before that let’s know what does the term Hydroponics means.

Hydroponics is a word made up of two words Hydro and ponics. Hydro means water and ponics means science of agriculture and thus the word Hydroponics means growing of plants in a nutrient rich solution instead of soil under controlled situation of light, temperature, and humidity. The required essential nutrients are given to the crop through water. Hydroponics is also known as Aquaculture.

As everything has its own advantages and disadvantage so is true in case of hydroponic gardens. Hence before you decide to set up your own hydroponics garden, let’s discuss various advantages and disadvantages that you may be like to consider:

#   You do not require soil: Since all the nutrients are pumped to plants through water, this gardening approach does not require soil.

#    No Soil, No soil borne diseases: Since the soil is not used for growing of plants in a hydroponics gardening hence the risk of having soil borne diseases are virtual eliminated.

#   No Weeds:  There are no chances of weeds growing with your plants and thus you generally require fewer pesticides.

#   Hydroponics gardening is considered as a best option for plant production in those areas where soil is not available for cultivation, like in an apartment balcony or on the terrace.

#   Good technical information: A person growing plants through hydroponics gardening should usually have a good technical knowledge than in case of traditional approach of growing plants.

#   Extra Equipment: Hydroponics gardening usually requires extra equipment.

#   Maintenance: In Hydroponics gardening approach the maintenance of the equipment is another big burden on you.

#   Cost: On top of everything, hydroponics gardening makes it more expensive to grow plants. When you add up all the cost including maintenance, equipments and so on, the overall cost of plant cultivation in case of hydroponics becomes much more instead of the traditional method of plant cultivation.

At the end, decision of taking up hydroponics gardening as an approach of plant cultivation entirely depends on individual to individual.