Buying Basic Hydroponics Equipment & Supplies

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The method of growing plants using the hydroponic method has many advantages. With hydroponics a person can grow any terrestrial plant without the need for soil. All that is really required is a mineral nutrient solution and a good source of light. With hydroponics plants can be grown in deserts, barren mountainous regions, in homes or even underground. Since much of our food comes from plants and the quality of our soil is deteriorating because of global warming hydroponics might actually replace conventional horticultural methods altogether at some point in the future.

A person who does not have access to a garden with fertile soil can use hydroponics to grow their own plants from home. If this is something that interests you then you will need to begin by purchasing some basic hydroponics equipment & supplies. What hydroponics equipment & supplies will you need to get started? This depends on where and how you intend to grow your plants.

The Fundamentals

Before you can start buying hydroponics equipment & supplies it is necessary to have an idea of what all plants require. Plant foliage needs light, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Plant roots need water, minerals and nutrients. With hydroponics the water minerals and nutrients are not supplied through soil but provided artificially with a nutrient solution that contains everything that is included infertile soil. Plants grown indoors will also need an artificial source of light.

If you want to get started with hydroponics you will need some nutrient solution, a pump, a timer, plumbing materials and some containers in order to deliver the liquid to the plants at regular intervals. Many people also use a medium such as gravel, pumice or perlite in which to grow their plants. If you are growing your plants indoors you will also need to purchase some grow lights.

Of course there are other types of hydroponics equipment & supplies. For instance some hydroponic gardeners purchase reflectors to ensure the foliage of their plants get the maximum amount of light. You can also purchase cooling fans, atmospheric controllers, temperature and humidity gauges and other sophisticated hydroponics equipment & supplies. With advanced hydroponics equipment an experienced gardener can grow massive healthy plants.

Where To Purchase

Would you like to buy some hydroponics equipment & supplies so that you can grow your own plants? If so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for at any hydroponic supply store. There are plenty of online companies that specialize in the sale of hydroponics equipment & supplies and this makes it easy to compare and contrast the quality and price of various items in order to get the best value for money. Therefore if you are interested in hydroponic gardening you should start by perusing the web to learn more about it and look at the equipment.

Reasons To Purchase Cheap Hydroponic Supplies

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Hydroponics is the practice of growing terrestrial plants in a mineral nutrient solution rather than soil. Sometimes people use perlite, mineral wool or gravel in conjunction with the mineral nutrient solution. You may think that only those people in the agriculture industry need to know about the horticultural practice of hydroponics but that is not necessarily true. We are now living in times in which many people should be considering growing fruits and vegetables with hydroponics. Of course before a person can grow plants using this method they must first invest in hydroponics equipment & supplies.

The Benefits

Since the United States is now in what can only be described as an economic crisis most Americans are looking for ways to save money. That is why many people are now growing their own fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately many Americans do not live in a rural or suburban area or have a garden with fertile soil. If you live in an urban area or the quality of the soil in your garden is bad how are you to grow your own produce? The solution is to invest in cheap hydroponic supplies.

With cheap hydroponic supplies a city dweller can grow fruits and vegetables in window boxes or on the roof of their building. Alternatively the urban gardener has the option of purchasing some plant lights along with the cheap hydroponic supplies. Plant lights make it possible for a person to grow their own produce all year round in any room of the house. The crop yield from hydroponics is usually greater than for plants grown using traditional methods. For instance a person who grows tomatoes indoors via the use of cheap hydroponic supplies can expect to harvest more of them. By growing fruits and vegetables this way a person can save a lot of money on groceries.

Look Around

Would you like to grow your own produce using hydroponics? If so then pays to look around for cheap hydroponic supplies. Paying more than you need to for the equipment necessary to get started defeats the purpose, which is to save money. Of course that does not mean you should choose supplies that are of substandard quality because that would involve having to replace everything quite quickly. Instead shop around for cheap hydroponic supplies that are reasonably well made. You can compare prices by visiting hydroponic supply stores either online or in person. These stores also sell the literature you will need to read in order to get started. Once you have done your research and purchased your cheap hydroponic supplies you will be in a position to grow your own wonderful tasting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Save Dollars… How To Get Hydroponics Supplies At Wholesale Prices

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Although hydroponics have been around for thousands of years, in one form or another (think of the Hanging Towers of Babylon), the hobby is gathering steam as the art and science of hydroponics moves into the mainstream. More and more people are turning to hydroponics, as a alternative to soil-based plants, which are resource-intensive. While there are many ways to find hydroponic supplies for cheap, the most inexpensive way to pursue the hobby is to find a way to buy hydroponic supplies at wholesale prices.

The Science Of Growing Your Own Food In A Closet

Don’t have a backyard? Live in a place with a short growing season? Like do-it-yourself projects? Whatever the reason you have chose to embark upon the adventure of hydroponic gardening, you will find a hobby at which you can spend either vast or trivial amounts of money, with basically the same results..

While there are several different methods to creating hydroponic gardens, they all operate off the similar principle that if plant roots are supplied with oxygen, water, and nutrients on a regular and precise basis, better plants can be grown more efficiently than in backyard gardens. They can be grown in any part of your house, including in out of the way places like closets, basements, and garages, or out in the open, supplementing your home décor, in places like your kitchen or living room.

The reason why you want to try and buy your hydroponic supplies wholesale is the fact that they can be very expensive from traditional vendors. A kit capable of growing only four small plants can set you back over $400! While some hobbyists can make their own kits, beginners might not have the knowledge or the time to create these elaborate setups. A third alternative to pricey setups or befuddling home-built projects are buying hydroponic supplies from wholesale dealers.

Where To Find These Wholesale Hydroponic Supplies Dealers

Of, course, your next question is, “Where on earth can I find these specialty hydroponic supply dealers selling at wholesale prices? In a word, on the Internet. Wholesale hydroponic supply dealers, like any wholesalers, are able to sell cheaply because of low overhead costs. Wholesalers buy and sell in bulk, which means wholesale hydroponics supplies might not be a good idea if you are looking to buy only one or two setups.

Some Internet dealers require minimum purchase amounts to make a sale. For instance, requires customers to purchase at least $250.00 of wholesale hydroponics supplies for each sale. Wholesale retail “clubs,” such as Sam’s Club, sell aquariums, air pumps, and rubber tubing for cheap prices.

Buying your hydroponics supplies wholesale can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your hobby and are the most cost-effective way of obtaining materials for hydroponic hobbyists.

Save Money By Planting At Home: Choosing The Right Discount Hydroponic Supplies For Your Garden

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Ever thought about growing your own food? If you like science and stay-at-home hobbies, and are maybe a bit of a control freak, hydroponic gardening—an art, science, and hobby all rolled up into one—might be just for you.

Hydroponic gardening can be a cheap way to grow your own food at home. Hydroponics uses a water-nutrient mixture to feed plants instead of the traditional soil and water method. In today’s tough economic times, this is attractive to people looking to save a buck. On the Internet, gardeners can buy hydroponic supplies at steep discounts. Wholesale hydroponic supplies are even available at deep discount retailers, such as Sam’s Club.

Why Grow Your Own Food At Home?

Growing your own food provides self-satisfaction unmatched in other pursuits. It hearkens back to our earliest days, when we were all hunters and gatherers, and yet today, hydroponic gardens can be built in the confines of even the most cramped apartment. Hydroponic gardening allows people to grow food year-round. This means, if you decide to grow carrots in a hydroponic setup in your own home, you can grow seventeen crops per year instead of just seven. Hydroponic supplies bought at deep discounts can be used to grow virtually any plant, from peppers to perennials.

Growing food hydroponically allows gardeners to more precisely control the amounts and types of nutrients taken in by their plants’ roots. This means that hydroponic gardeners not only experience more crop yields, but the plants themselves are of a higher quality, stronger and more nutritious.

Some discount hydroponic supplies can be bought at retail department stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart. The discount for these hydroponic supplies are often due to the fact that these supplies are not necessarily labeled as “hydroponic.” Supplies that can be used in various hydroponic setups include rubber tubing, which can be found in the hardware/ plumbing section of most department stores.

Other discount hydroponic supplies can be bought in the pet section of department stores. These include fish tanks, which can be used as reservoirs in virtually any hydroponic setup, as long as they are painted black to stifle the growth of algae, which can be dangerous for plants. Near the aquariums, you can also find PH testing strips, which can be used to ensure the proper acidity of the nutrient mixture. Finally, look no further than the aquarium section to find air pumps at a discount, hydroponic supplies that can be used in bubble bucket and air pump setups.

A Hobby That Will Last A Lifetime

Even hydroponic supplies bought at discounts can set hobbyists back quite a few bucks, especially at the beginning. Good news though, virtually all the supplies you use are reusable and can be used time and time again to grow your plants, so while it may at first seem like an expensive hobby, hydroponics can provide a viable alternative to rising food prices.

High Quality Hydroponic Gardening Supplies Yield High Quality Plants

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For many people, the thrill of the scientific hobby of homemade hydroponic gardens is enthralling and rewarding. Hydroponics aficionados use the art of hydroponics to grow everything from simple indoor herb gardens on windowsills, to elaborate closet setups complete with fluorescent lights growing hydroponic citrus trees.

What To Look For In Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

The first instinct of many hydroponics enthusiasts might be to track down the first discount hydroponic supplies on the Internet and buy as cheaply as possible. In order to be successful, however, hydroponic gardeners need to educate themselves in order to purchase the best available hydroponic gardening supplies for their project, regardless of the price.

The most important of all the hydroponic gardening supplies are the nutrients from which hobbyists create the nutrient solutions to feed their plants. People who practice hydroponics might try to take a shortcut here and buy the first plant food they see on the shelf at Wal-Mart, with the idea of simply mixing it with water in order to create their nutrient solution.

While plant food on department store shelves might seem to be an easily available and cheap alternative to mixtures found in more elaborate hydroponic gardening supply stores, they do not have the proper trace elements needed for hydroponically grown plants to develop correctly. In addition to the three main plant foods of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium-based elements, which are available in any plant food, hydroponic growing also requires chlorine, calcium, boron, manganese, iron, sulfur, zinc, copper, magnesium, and molybdenum.

These trace elements are not found in the simple plant foods available on the shelf of your local K-Mart. Discount store plant foods are created without these trace elements because they are designed for use with soil-based plants. Soil contains these trace elements naturally, so manufacturers do not add them into their plant food mixtures.

Even when shopping at specialty hydroponic gardening supply stores, it is advantageous to make sure that the three main plant nutrients and all the trace elements are present in the formula, even if the label on the box claims the food is suitable for hydroponic use. In addition, different formulas are optimized for different types of plants and different styles of hydroponic growing.

What Else To Look For In Hydroponic Gardening Supplies

After nutrients that will make the nutrient solution, the second most important part of any hydroponic gardening supplies is choosing the correct reservoir. Reservoirs can be bought commercially or made at home from other items. The key thing to remember in choosing a proper reservoir is to make sure the sides are opaque. If the sides are transparent of even translucent, algae will dominate the tank, killing or making the plants unviable.

More information on hydroponics and choosing the right hydroponic gardening supplies can be found in “How-To Hydroponics,” an excellent book by Keith Roberto.

Find the Best Hydroponic Supplies For Your Project.

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Why hydroponics? People choose to engage in the hobby of growing plants hydroponically for a variety of reasons. First, hydroponic planting can result in high crop yields, because gardeners can more precisely control the flow of nutrients for their plants. Second, toxins can leak into outdoor soil. By growing hydroponically, gardeners can avoid this potential catastrophe of carcinogens leaking into homegrown plants.

Starting At Department Stores To Find Hydroponic Supplies

Hydroponic hobbyists can find many of their starting hydroponic gardening supplies cheaply at local department stores. While many hobbyists would not think to look for hydroponic supplies at regular department stores, they often may be found there, if they look hard enough, but are often disguised as other things, such as aquarium supplies. Shopping for hydroponic supplies at discount retail stores saves high fees from expensive specialty stores and online shipping transactions.

It is usually not ideal to plant seeds directly in a home hydroponic setup; gardeners usually germinate them first, so the first hydroponic supplies that gardeners need to buy are materials to germinate seeds. Soil is not ideal for use to germinate seeds, because soil is not sterile. Diseases inside soil can cause seedlings to die prematurely; after all, hydroponics gardeners intentionally stay away from soil, right? There are many different mediums to use to germinate seeds, such as rockwool and peat pellets. Peat pellets are available very cheaply at Wal-Mart and like stores. A set of 12 peat discs, along with a mini-greenhouse and reservoir costs less than $2.00, and this is good enough to get any seed started.

While waiting for up to two weeks for the seeds to germinate and seedlings to form, hobbyists can begin gathering the rest of their hydroponic supplies. Since hydroponic plants use a nutrient solution to feed plants, a reservoir must be incorporated into every hydroponic system. Aquariums and rubber storage bins are ideal for this, and are available at department stores everywhere. If the sides of the reservoir are clear, a can of black spray paint is also needed to make the sides of the reservoir opaque, in order to prevent the growth of plant-destroying algae, and is also available at any department store.

Hobbyists who use an air pump or bubble bucket system can buy cheap aquarium air pumps instead of more expensive ones sold at hydroponic supply stores. An air pump sufficient enough to aerate 5-15 gallon reservoir costs less than $5.00 at Wal-Mart.

Plant seeds can also be purchased at most department stores, from vegetables to flowers, and these include organic mixes as well. Most seed packets cost between ten and twenty cents. Any and all plants are suitable from hydroponic growth, so it really does not matter what you buy or where you buy these hydroponic supplies.

Finish Shopping For Hydroponic Supplies At Garden Specialty Stores

There are some hydroponic supplies that usually have to be bought at specialty stores. These include nutrient mixtures. Regular plant food mixtures sold at regular department stores are typically compatible only with soil growth. The problem with these mixtures is they do not have enough trace minerals for growth, since soil contains trace minerals in abundance.

Even in the most remote areas, you find can find everything you need to grow your own hydroponic gardens. Hydroponic supplies are also available at many online specialty stores, and offer a varied approach to the hobby and science of hydroponics.

Easy Gardening With Indoor Hydroponic Systems

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When you have limited space or unsuitable land gardening and cultivating vegetables might seem out of the question. This is where indoor hydroponic systems come in handy. With very little space you can get an impressive yield of vegetables, enough to feed your family and household for a little while.

It is also a fun hobby to indulge in though you might find yourself sucked into the world of hydroponics in a way that you never imagined. There are several advantages that indoor hydroponic systems have over traditional gardening methods. Most of all however the hydroponic method serves our schedules and space constraints of the modern world.

Precise Methods

The thing that you will notice when you are buying hydroponic supplies is the precise instructions that come with nutrient solutions, and all the other essential materials. You need to follow specific measurements when you start any indoor hydroponic systems. The preciseness that goes with measuring the right amount of water and nutrient solution, measuring the containers you use, and all the other specifications helps to promote healthy plant growth.

Control Factor

It is easier to control indoor hydroponic systems than it is to control outdoor gardening. When you choose indoor hydroponic systems you can control the lighting conditions, the amount and type of nutrients available. Indoor lighting is important when controlling the lighting conditions and duration for your plants. This is great for plants that are very light sensitive.

Overwatering and feeding a plant too much fertilizer is a common problem in traditional soil gardening. Indoor hydroponic systems have the advantage of being impossible to overfeed. Overfeeding does not happen with indoor hydroponic systems because the roots will stop absorbing nutrients once the plant has absorbed enough. However do not add too much fertilizer as it is possible to burn the roots when you do this.

Most of the time you will find that garden pests and plant infestations start from the soil. You will find that this problem is greatly reduced when you use indoor hydroponic systems. Not only does this mean you will have healthier plants, but the need for using chemical pesticides is greatly reduced.

While your indoor hydroponic systems might not be organic the plants you grow will have many of the same benefits of organic plants. Hydroponic plants also have more nutritional value than crops grown in the soil, thus they are better for you. You can also help the environment with indoor hydroponic systems.