What is Hydroponic Gardening?

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Can you ever imagine that plants grow without soil? Surprised by the idea but it is true. The science and technology have made the most impossible things possible. Today nothing is seemingly out of reach of science and when science joins hands with nature new innovations take place. Such an innovation is the hydroponics gardening in which the plants are grown without any soil. The nutrients that are required for the plants to grow are supplied in a solution.

The plants get the essential ingredients for growth and thus flourish and nourish. Hydroponics has given plant agriculture a whole new perspective and is giving the technology for a new innovation to feed the ever growing population of world. Even a person who does not hold much interest in cultivation would be enthralled by this concept.

In hydroponics, the nutrients are distributed to the plant by an aqueous solution in place of the soil. This art of rising plants with no use of soil helps us to cultivate an assortment of plant is whichever type of weather or climate irrespective of the geographical location.

This type of gardening takes less space as soil is not needed; you can see your plants growing faster as this technique takes less time. You need to work less hard as the toil you need to do in your garden is considerably reduced. You can save loads of water that is required to moisten and feed the soil. You can easily recycle the nutrients in the solution and also there is no problem of pests or weeds. The yield is higher with lesser wastage.

Some of the advantages of the hydroponic gardening are:

The space requirement is less and yield is higher. For instance in a hydroponic acre you can easily grow about 10000 plants while in a soil acre it can only be about 33 percent of it.

You can grow plants easily out of the plant’s native place and climatic conditions. Each kind of plant can be grown at any point of the year irrespective of its season.  There is no need for crop rotation as the nutrients do not get depleted due to absence of soil.

So there are lots of advantages of hydroponics gardening and you can easily grow plants which you like.  Hydroponic gardening has really made a difference in the field of plants cultivation and created new possibilities which will definitely increase the yield.

Useful Information on Hydroponics Gardening

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Hydroponic comes from a Latin word which means “working with water” and thus hydroponics gardening means the art of cultivating plants with water instead of soil.

Most people think that hydroponics means growing plants with their roots floating into the water.

However this is just a single type of hydroponic gardening which is known as Nutrient Film Technique or N.F.T. The N.F.T. is a very popular technique of plant cultivation hydroponically. There are different variations of Nutrient Film Technique which are used in different countries across the globe. Before discussing various approaches of N.F.T., let us find out how well does hydroponics work.

To know how a plant grows hydroponically is quite simple. You should know the needs of your plant, when to give it, the correct proportion of the nutrient. If you take care about these things then the plant will definitely grown much healthy than those plants that are grown in soil. All the nutrition fed to the plant is done through a nutrient solution.

The nutrient solution is the mixture of water and fertilizer. As the plant grows its needs and requirements changes and thus you can easily control and change the proportion of nutrients which should be given to the plant. The right strength and the pH of the nutrient solutions are very important and are very easy to adjust, so that your crops just get the right amount of food.

In a hydroponics gardening, the plants are grown using a growing medium. Growing medium is referred to any material in which the roots of the plants are placed and the right composition of nutrient solution is then fed to them.

The growing medium is important as it allows the plant roots to absorb the essential nutrient from the nutrient solution properly as compared to plants grown in soil, where the plant roots have to spend a lot of energy searching for the nutrients. There are a lot of substances that can be used as a growing medium. Some of the most commonly used growing mediums are coconut fiber, Rockwool, perlite, sand, vermiculite, gravel etc.

The faster and the greater production of crops are some of the many reasons that hydroponics is being adapted all over the globe. People have realized the potential in hydroponics and hydroponics gardening is also used all over the world for commercial food production.

Advantages of Hydroponics Gardening

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Hydroponics, is the new scientific approach which is gradually becoming popular amongst most of the professional gardeners and with people who love to garden. Hydroponics is the science of growing the plants in specially prepared solutions instead of in soil. It is the easiest and the most useful method of growing plants.

One of the advantages of hydroponics gardening is that you can grow plants indoors, as you do not need soil for plant cultivation. In a geoponics, plants grow by extracting nutrients from the in soil with the help of their roots whereas in case of hydroponics the essential nutrients are pumped through water and the plant roots take up the nutrient from the water.

In a geoponics approach, the growth of the plant can be underdeveloped whereas in case of plants that are grown hydroponically, the plant growth is more abundant, as roots do not need to search for required nutrients. All the required nutrients are provided with water directly to the plant.

Few plants that can be grown in a hydroponics garden are spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, basil etc. One of the most important factors which influence the choice of plant to be grown hydroponically is the Space. Since the space is limited you should always choice a plant that have similar needs. As you gain experience in hydroponic gardening, you may find more plants that will be suitable to be grown together, thus saving lot of your space.

Some of the benefits of Hydroponics gardening are:

Hydroponics gardening is an easy, environmental friendly way of planting and cultivating plants. The plants grown hydroponically are healthier as compared to plants grown through geoponic methods.

Plant growth is much faster when they are grown hydroponically. On an average, plants grow at least 50% faster when grown hydroponically as compared to plants grown in soil. The reason for such fast growth is that the plants get easy access to all the essential nutrition, food and water.

Very less or negligible amount of pesticides are required when you grow plant hydroponically. Hence you get healthy and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

In case a plant gets a disease, only that particular plant will get affected and not all.

As the plant growth does not require soil, plants can be grown in any place be it an apartment balcony or on a terrace and in any weather.

Hydroponics Gardening is Easy!

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Before we decide whether hydroponics gardening is easy or not let us first know what exactly is hydroponic gardening. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in which water containing the essential required necessary nutrients is pumped to the plants.

It has been proven that plants really do not need soil. The plants require soil just to get the essential nutrients and water that are present in it for their growth. In a hydroponics approach, different plants are grown without the help of soil. All the required nutrients are given through water because this approach is considered to be simpler and more effective way of providing nutrients to the plants.

When you grow plants in soil, the water and essential nutrients get scattered in different places randomly and the plants are required to expend more energy in order to search for the required nutrients. However, in a hydroponic gardening method the nutrients are dissolved in the water and are pumped or supplied directly to the roots. Thus fastening the growth of the plant and harvesting sooner.
The approach of growing plants hydroponically is not a new science. The science or the art of hydroponics has been around in various forms, for more than many years now. One of the outstanding examples of a hydroponic garden or the hydroponics gardening is the famous “Hanging Gardens of Babylon”.

The hydroponic approach of gardening can be seen in all the 50 American states and in most of the countries across the globe. In some places in the world where the climatic conditions are not favorable for outdoor plant growth wither because of too cold or too hot climates, most of the flower, fruits and vegetable crops are grown using this approach.

Most of the commercial gardeners and plant growers have now taken to the hydroponic approach at a surprising pace. With the help of the hydroponically approach of gardening we can even put an end to some of the subjects that people are concerned about like hunger and so on.

This is just the tip of the ice, with hydroponic techniques we can make the world a cleaner and better place to live in. Extensive research in this field is going on each and every day. People from different countries all over the world are building and buying their own hydroponic systems to grow healthier, fresh food crops and plants.

People all over the world have now realizing the scope of hydroponics gardening and some most of them are even making their dreams of having a greenhouse come true using the hydroponics gardening.